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ASHIGARU: The Last Shogun

In the Sengoku period, powerful Daimyos fought for power and territories in a near-constant civil war in all of the country.

TAISHOGUN: The Rise of Emperor

Heian-Jidai's 12th century period many internal tensions occur with the increasing power of the clans increasing alongside the imperial court, where mysterious supernatural phenomena occur.

SHADOW THE RONIN: The Revenge to the Samurai

Dokuganryū, a legendary samurai of ancient capital imperial was deprived and expelled from their lands, and all your family was killed by the orders of the emperor.

SAMAEL: The Legacy of Ophiuchus

Samael one of the most beautiful and powerful commanders of the kingdom of Nevaeh, where peace reigned for several centuries in total harmony.


Many a century ago in a land far away a mighty King created everything around him. One day, one of his main members made a rebellion in the kingdom with several followers to take the king's.


This fantastic ancient world has been Invaded by powerful enemies who rule in the dark. Several centuries have passed since Light's Lords defeated them with the spear of destiny.

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